FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does the name Nusqu mean?

The word Nusqu (pronounced NOOS-KOO) was a name given to an ancient Egyptian deity. He was known as “The Deity Of Light”; one who gives guidance and information for the betterment of those who require it. Being a business consulting company, we see ourselves functioning in the same capacity; giving sound business advice to our clients and serving the requirements of their agendas.

2. Why is your company slogan entitled A New Paradigm Of Business?

A paradigm can be defined as a standard or typical example. We at Nusqu see ourselves creating a new standard and approach to the way business is done. Being that business has changed so rapidly (especially with the advent of the Internet), we like to think outside the box. This helps us remain fresh and push beyond the limits of conventional business methods.

3. What does The Nusqu Group do?

We are a business consulting company dedicated to assisting start up and/or existing technology based businesses. We also function as an “incubation hub” dedicated to creating innovative business niches by converting unique ideas into highly focused and successful implementations.

4. What is your company philosophy?

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility, ingenuity and mutual respect. We seek to assist companies maintain a corporate environment that encourages creativity and achievement. Whether you are looking to obtain a website, implement your business plan, or design a new event campaign, Nusqu’s innovative approach and foresight mesh to produce bottom line results. Our firm’s strategy envisions applying financial resources and management expertise to foster growth and profitability.

5. How can Nusqu help my business?

The Nusqu Group can assist your business by working to bring new ideas and concepts into use. We have found that many businesses are using outdated, conventional methods in a business environment that no longer requires them. Therefore, to achieve your goals and objectives, your business needs to refrain from “tunnel vision” and employ foresight to grasp the full view.

6. What are some of the future plans for your company?

In the next few years, we will expand our product offerings by creating different divisions of our company. In the future, we will be moving into areas such as: real estate, film and television, business/financial consulting plus sports & entertainment management.

Please email us your questions and/or suggestions to info@nusqu.com.