Creating Business Value From The Internet

Creating Business Value From The Internet

By Richard Okolo


Often times, organizations have ambiguous ideas about how to create value from the internet. Although there are many ways to approach this question, we will focus on specific areas as follows:

– Build your e-mail list. Create opt-in forms for existing and potential customers to sign up for your mailing list. This mailing list now acts as a catalyst which can be used to offer special incentives, discounts, advertising links, etc. You can also sell advertising to other partner companies to offer additional value-added services in conjunction with yours. Continue to use your e-mail list to exponentially drive the growth of your product(s) and/or service(s).

– Create unique ways to market your products and/or services. Although conventional marketing and advertising mediums still are effective, on the internet being innovative is the key idea. Firms must always strive to stand out in the crowd to create brand recognition. For example, instead of using pop-ups which can be annoying, try employing rich media ads which allow for interactivity that the user can control. More users on a unique offering translates into more profitability.

– Partner with similar firms in the business you are in. By partnering with other companies, you can effectively increase your user base and market share. Introduce profit-sharing to your partners. This can be achieved by using various mediums such as e-mail, ad banner exchanges, e-commerce tools, etc.

– Keep track of the products and/or services that sell the most. This will allow your firm to provide specials on those offerings.

– Create a unique way(s) for customers to purchase deals, discounts, etc.

– Lastly, maximize your time, efforts, and resources.

Remember, these are but a few suggestions on how to create value for your company. Always try to be innovative and strive for excellence.

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