Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

By Richard Okolo

As we have moved into the “information age”, we have available to us almost anything we need to access on ourselves. Technology has made it a simple process to obtain our personal information quickly and efficiently. But as with every convenience, there are consequences as well. One of the big issues facing consumes today is identity theft.

Identity theft is when personal and confidential information is stolen. This information is then used by criminals to access bank records, apply for credit, transfer funds, and even assume the identity of the person(s) victimized. We offer some steps to help assist in limiting your chance(s) of becoming another identity theft statistic. Some of these include:

1. Make a habit of shredding all important financial and confidential documents when they are no longer needed.

2. Monitor all of your financial statements meticulously and report any discrepancies immediately.

3. Become familiar with the regular billing dates of specific transactions and follow up on notices which are not correct.

4. Be extremely careful using your PIN number at debit card machines and payment centers.

5. Carry only the credit card(s) that you need; store other(s) in a secure location.

6. Use a locking mailbox (if needed) to have your bill payments sent to.

7. Never carry your birth certificate, passport and social security and/or social insurance card(s) with you. Keep these documents in a safe deposit box.

8. Never leave a paper trail; keep all credit card, ATM, gas and retail receipts in a safe secure place.

9. Be very defensive with your personal information. (e.g. If any information is requested, verify that the person and/or company asking really needs it before providing it to them. Also, ensure that you know who is asking and for what reason(s). Be on guard against anyone who asks for such information.)

10. Obtain and thoroughly review your credit report regularly. If you notice anything unusual, contact the proper companies immediately.

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