Online Safety Tips

Online Safety Tips

By Richard Okolo

With the growing number of Internet users logging on, often times people feel because they are sitting in front of a computer they are not susceptible to being a victim of “cyber-crime”. We have compiled some safety measures to bare in mind when surfing the web:

1. Keep your personal information private (e.g. your name, phone number, address, passwords and social security or credit card numbers). Never share this information with anyone. Remember, if you receive an email asking for your information, don’t give it out. Legitimate businesses never ask for personal information via email.

2. Join children as they surf the Internet. This will allow you to see what they are doing and with whom. Monitor their chat buddies and ask them if they know them personally. Install internet monitoring software to keep records of what children may be doing online when you are away. NEVER agree to let children meet someone in person who they have met online.

3. Keep the computer your child uses in a central location. That way they are always within view of you and this allows greater accessibility to monitor their internet surfing.

4. Don’t share photos of yourself with strangers. This should be stressed especially to children. Maintain your anonymity at all times. Often, instant messaging tools allow for pictures to displayed. Never put up personal pictures of any kind as they can be saved by those whom you chat with.

5. Install anti-virus and spyware/adware software on your computer and use a firewall. Hackers can gain access to personal and/or important information, so make sure that you protect your PC by installing and updating security programs for your computer.

6. Remember, not everyone on the web is who they say they are. Unfortunately, some people log on to the web only to do harm to others. Use your common sense and only correspond with your friends and/or family. If you suspect someone is not who they say they are, cut off all interaction with them promptly.

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