Sales Triggers For Your Customers

Sales Triggers For Your Customers

By Richard Okolo

In every business, customers and prospects alike will have objectives to purchasing your products and services. A company will either assist their customer(s) avoid something unpleasant with what they provide, or they will help your customer(s) achieve something desirable. Either of these two triggers can be a sales motivation in a given circumstance.

As business people and/or sales people, it is our job to listen to our customers. Look for signals as to why the sale might/might not happen. Once firms can sort through the pleasant and the undesirable, the easier is becomes to move towards closing the sale.

Which is the more significant motivator – gaining the pleasant or avoiding the undesirable? Psychologists would tell us that it depends on the timeframe. The events that take place yesterday, today and tomorrow motivate prospective buyers to a different degrees.

In order from the most significant to the least significant motivator, here’s the list.

Current undesirable – will your product or service help to alleviate a current problem? This involves addressing critical need(s) of your customers and providing solutions to those needs.

Future undesirable – if there’s a problem right around the corner, can you help your customers avoid it? Every business must be able to be flexible enough to maneuver through unplanned events.

Current pleasure – what can you do to sustain a favorable set of circumstances? This involves through engagement with your clients to ascertain their concerns and address them strategically.

Future pleasure – can you improve or create a desirable situation for tomorrow? Does your company employ foresight and strategic planning to offset future problems?

Past undesirable – help me avoid what happened yesterday, please! Make sure that lessons from past mistakes are learned so they do not need to be readdressed at a later date (which can be time consuming and costly).

Past pleasure – can you recreate the “good old days”? If you can bring back a favorable experience for your customers, chances are they will give you repeat business and free advertising (e.g. word of mouth referrals).

Address these critical points and watch your sales increase!

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